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Frequently Asked Questions - Campbell, CA

Here in Campbell, our team never wants to leave patients confused or unsure about aspects of their dental care. For added convenience, we’ve taken the time to compile a handful of the most popular FAQs we receive (and their answers) below. If, after reading the following, you still don’t see the information you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re always happy to help!

When should I come in for a dental checkup and cleaning?

Generally, we recommend that patients with good oral health plan to visit twice a year for professional checkups and cleanings, or once every six months on average. These visits give our team the valuable opportunity to catch any dental concerns early on and also cleanse the teeth and gums of decay-causing plaque/tartar.

What are my options for replacing missing teeth?

Dr. Ho can help you explore various services that are capable of replenishing a full, functioning smile here in Campbell. While dental implants are a clear frontrunner because of their valuable health benefits and long-lasting stability, more traditional options like bridgework and dentures are also available. Every patient’s needs are different, and we want to help you determine the best path forward for your specific situation.

Can you help me improve the way my smile looks?

Yes! Dr. Ho offers several cosmetic treatment options here in-office, such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, direct bonding, and more. She can help you determine which strategy best fits your specific smile goals during an initial visit.

Do you see dental emergencies?

Absolutely. Don’t hesitate to give the practice a call if you’re experiencing a serious dental injury and/or pain – we’ll do our best to accommodate you right away here in Campbell, CA or connect you to a nearby specialist.

Will my new crown or bridge look natural?

If you’d like it to, yes! Dr. Ho offers all-ceramic, metal-free materials for dental crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and other likeminded services. This style of restoration is seamlessly lifelike and highly functional. Its biocompatible nature is also well-suited for patients who’ve struggled with sensitivities or outright allergies to common dental metals in the past. However, a metal-free restoration may not be the best option for teeth in every area of the mouth. Dr. Ho will be able to review your options with you in greater detail during a first appointment.

Do you refer patients to specialists?

While Dr. Ho is highly trained and well-equipped to address a wide variety of dental concerns and goals here in-office, we want to do what is in our patient’s best interests above all else. Periodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, and orthodontists can provide more complex and focused services that aren’t available here. Rest assured that you will only be referred to trusted professionals with whom we already have a good rapport!

My gums are bleeding when I brush and floss. Should I be worried?

While oral bleeding can be caused by an injury at times, the most likely explanation is that you have a dental infection known as gum (periodontal) disease. Early cases can be very mild in nature, but more advanced versions of this disease can threaten your health and even result in tooth loss – that’s why visiting Dr. Ho as soon as possible is so important. She can assess your periodontal health with a dedicated screening and provide therapy as needed to stop the infection in its tracks.

Do you take dental insurance?

Our practice is an in-network for Delta Dental Premier and also accepts many more PPO insurance plans. To learn more, please visit our new patients page or contact the practice directly.