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Advanced Dental Technology—Campbell, CA

The Best of What’s Old & What’s New

With more than 20 years of experience practicing dentistry, Dr. Karen Ho knows at least one thing about the field: it is constantly changing. New technology and techniques are being developed all the time, which is why she works diligently to stay on top of the latest advancements. Today, she combines her decades of knowledge with state-of-the-art instruments like those detailed below, so patients can look forward to a fast, comfortable, and productive appointment every time they come to see us.

Digital X-Rays

dental X-ray on tablet

Did you know that most of your teeth’s surface area is actually hidden below the gum line? We use X-rays every single day to help our team keep an eye on our patients’ entire smiles, and to make this part of routine checkups better and safer, we’ve gone fully digital. Digital X-rays create extremely detailed images in seconds that we can show a patient on a monitor right in the treatment room. And, as an added bonus, the process also emits 90% LESS radiation compared to traditional film X-rays, giving many patients peace of mind.

Digital Impressions

taking a digital dental impression

Our team uses impressions of people’s bites to help us design and personalize a wide variety of treatments, ranging from crowns to dentures to porcelain veneers. Now, instead of using messy dental putty to create one, we just scan the mouth with a small device that quickly generates a digital impression on a nearby monitor. The process is comfortable, fast, and unlike with physical impressions, we never have to waste time on retakes!

Fiber Optic Transillumination

scanning the teeth for cavities

For a long time, the most effective way to search for cavities was to simply poke a patient’s teeth with a small metal probe. This certainly didn’t feel great, and it often missed very small cavities, allowing them to become much larger. Today, with fiber optic transillumination, we can instead scan the teeth using a special light that instantly reveals any signs of enamel thinning. This is especially useful for finding decay hidden within the deep grooves of teeth. With this approach, we’re now able to treat cavities sooner and stop a small problem before it turns into a major headache, all without prodding a patient’s mouth!  

Oral Cancer Screening

oral cancer ribbon

We examine our patients for oral cancer at every single appointment, and to help us find any lesions, sores, or growths, we use the Identafi light. Exposed to the light, healthy oral tissue and cancerous or precancerous tissue reflect it back in very different ways, which helps us identify potential trouble spots that would normally be hidden from the naked eye. With this instrument, we can find suspicious areas sooner so treatment can be started right away if needed, maximizing someone’s chance of a fast and full recovery.