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Teeth Whitening in Campbell, California

If you’ve got a healthy smile and would like to give your appearance a little boost, you should consider professional teeth whitening provided by a dentist. The Campbell, CA office of Karen Ho, DDS offers teeth whitening with NiteWhite, a take-home bleaching product made by the same company that creates the in-office system Zoom! With take-home NiteWhite, you get a comfortable and easy option for professional-grade whitening, and you can truly make the most out of your healthy smile.

Our office will create custom NiteWhite whitening trays to fit your unique features. Because the trays are custom-made, you can comfortably and effectively whiten your entire smile at home, getting consistent and reliable results from this well-known system. Along with your custom trays, you’ll receive syringes of bleaching gel to fill the trays with. Using lower percentages of peroxide, NiteWhite is designed to allow you to whiten overnight – it’s so easy, you can do it in your sleep! At higher percentages of peroxide, you only need to wear the trays for about an hour a day to get excellent results.

To explore this and other cosmetic dentistry options from Dr. Karen Ho, contact us to make an appointment. While our main focus is your oral health, we want to make sure that patients who visit our Campbell, CA dental office can find the comprehensive dentistry they desire, which is why we offer teeth whitening in addition to our total preventive dental care. Our patients appreciate how simple it is to get a whiter smile with take-home NiteWhite teeth whitening. Ask about it at your next checkup!