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Dental Implants in Campbell, CA

Dr. Karen Ho is concerned with providing complete dental care to patients at our Campbell, CA office, which is why our services include the design and creation of dental implant restorations. We maintain excellent relationships with area oral surgeons and periodontists who can perform the surgical phase of your dental implants treatment, after which our office will painstakingly create a beautiful custom implant crown or bridge.

An oral surgeon or periodontist will first surgically place the dental implant, a titanium screw, into your jaw bone. This dental implant becomes fused with the bone over a few months of healing, during which time you’ll wear a temporary restoration. Our office will then focus on creating the tooth replacements that will attach to your dental implants. If a single tooth is missing, we’ll simply design a dental crown and have it made in a lab. We can also replace several teeth in a row with a bridge that can be affixed to strategically placed dental implants.

Dental implants are the most recommended method of tooth replacement available today. While there are reasons that you may end up opting for a removable denture or fixed bridge, we encourage anyone with optimal oral health to replace teeth with dental implants. This is because dental implants support healthy bone density, preventing deterioration of the bone in the wake of the loss of a tooth root. Also, dental implants tend to produce the most satisfying results, both aesthetically and functionally. They’re not removable, and they offer the most stability, durability, and strength.

To explore the dental implant process, contact Karen Ho, DDS for an appointment. Our Campbell, California dental office provides comprehensive preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care, focusing on minimally invasive and conservative treatment while maintaining a technologically advanced and comfortable office. Come see us for no-nonsense dental care!